Why is the Bible so violent?

We see that the Bible is violent just like CNN is violent. The Bible as well as CNN "reports" on the condition of our world and the people who live in it. Please note: CNN and the Bible in themselves are not violent, but the content they portray is violent.

No sugar coating

God does not hide unsightly events and interactions in the Bible. You get the real story with no sugar coating. It shows what rebellion on this planet looks like and the resulting violence and heartache that happens when we freely choose Satan’s path and his government.

Therefore, seeing the results of rebellion going on around us today, in eternity we would never want to choose Satan’s path. God doesn’t take away our free choice, He lets us touch the stove so-to-speak. God knows that when we see all the pain, violence and heartache created by Satan’s government we will choose God and His ways.

Bible, violence and propaganda

This shows the Bible is not a work of propaganda. If the Bible was propaganda, as many critics assert, it would be the worst religious propaganda paper ever written. Why you may ask? Well, the Bible describes in detail the sins of God’s chosen people. Moses was a murderer. Noah had a drinking problem. Abraham was not honest about his wife. David committed adultery. All these stories about sin shows the truth about God’s people. Each of them, like you and me, are imperfect and in need of a Savior (Romans 15:4).


The Bible contains violent stories because these stories reveal the truth about humanity, without hiding the details. The Bible is the history of God saying here is what humans are really like. But there is hope, especially for you. As we look at our lives and the chaotic world around us, we can find comfort in God’s promises and His plan to end violence and give humanity eternal peace (Revelation 21:4).