The prophet Amos lived back in the eighth century before Christ when the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were both powerful and prosperous. Everyone seemed to feel secure. The people were very enthusiastic in per­forming religious rituals. Their religious shrines were in constant use. But despite all this religious activity, the people's morality was at a low ebb.

In the book of Amos, we have a collection of the prophet's inspired messages directed primarily to the northern kingdom of Israel. Amos especially denounced the wealthy class who ignored the needs of the poor and exploited them at every opportunity.

He also underscored the sins of the nation's lead­ers—men who were concerned to maintain the prestige and power of their high offices but who did little to care for the real needs of the nation.

Amos announced it was time for a change—for na­tional recommitment to God. He predicted God would bring destructive judgments upon His rebellious people. But for the loyal remnant, He predicted prosperity, secu­rity, and peace.